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The Mindful College Applicant offers a reassuring insider’s view of admissions realities at the most sought-after colleges. Even more useful, Belinda Chiu proffers practical wisdom for managing your emotions as you navigate these rapids.
~Daniel Goleman, Author, “Emotional Intelligence”

This book is a must-read for every high school student applying to college–and every parent, too. It gives the student and the parent the best chance of going through the application process without turning stark raving mad. The wisdom in this book offers a pathway to long term happiness for the student, as well as better results in the application process. Read it, students and parents, because it is essential to the survival and joy of your entire family.
~Geeta Anand, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist; Dean of UC Berkeley School of Journalism

A 30-page pocket companion workbook to the The Mindful College Applicant: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence for the Admissions Process designed in response to educators and parents looking for an accessible way for their students to get started on a healthier approach through the existing, however brutish, process with less stress and anxiety, and more joy.

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