The Mindful College Applicant offers a reassuring insider’s view of admissions realities at the most sought-after colleges. Even more useful, Belinda Chiu proffers practical wisdom for managing your emotions as you navigate these rapids

Daniel Goleman, PhD, Author, “Emotional Intelligence”

Applying to college can be anxiety inducing, especially for those who hope to attend selective institutions. This pressure-cooker process can seem unnerving, or unfair and somehow rigged. Chiu, who has more than 20 years of experience in university admissions at Ivy League institutions and in leadership and executive coaching and mindfulness training, unpacks college admissions. She covers the basics, debunks myths, offers insider knowledge, and suggests useful emotional intelligence tools to reduce stress. Chiu discusses what happens to each file as applic​ations are screened, the elements that applicants can control, and what is out of their hands. The author cites current and emerging brain science research and draws from her coaching work at Fortune 500 companies, providing mindfulness practices and “brain hacks.” VERDICT High school students applying to selective colleges and universities will appreciate this holistic approach steeped in emotional intelligence, compassion, and mindfulness.

Jane Scott, University of Portland, OR, School Library Journal

The Mindful College Applicant should be given to every student and caregiver who is embarking on the journey to higher education. As someone who vividly remembers the stress of applying to college in a very competitive environment and knowing that the situation is even more complicated now, every student should be equipped with the mindfulness and awareness to navigate college admissions and view it as only one step to living a purposeful, balanced and joyful life. Belinda Chiu’s book is the solution that students need today to be thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Joan Ai, Secondee, World Economic Forum (DQ Institute), Board of Trustees, Stuyvesant High School

I am completing my 18th year as Head of a hard-charging international school in Asia, where it seems as though every third parent in Kindergarten has eyes on the prize of Harvard and where the pressure and stress on students, families, teachers and counselors ratchets up yet another notch as each year passes.

Thank goodness for a book that seeks to demystify the college application process, debunk the notion that an A- on a report card equals a lifetime of regret, and discredit the all-pervading folklore that the most important month of one’s youth is April in Senior year when college admissions results are posted.

Belinda Chiu hasn’t just revealed some compelling facts about the process of applying to college; she has also told young people and their parents some home truths about what really matters in education, growth and development. Hurry up and get this book published. My high schoolers need to read it.

David Toze, Superintendent, International School Manila

Parents and counselors everywhere can be grateful for this compassionate book that invites driven and accomplished students to transcend the college admissions frenzy by cultivating mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and self-care. Incidentally, these practices will, in fact, make students stronger applicants—but this is the least valuable aspect of this helpful book. Without talking down to the adolescent reader or resorting to self-help platitudes, THE MINDFUL COLLEGE APPLICANT: CULTIVATING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR THE ADMISSIONS PROCESS guides students toward the confidence and resilience that will help them flourish as adults. Worth a hundred tutoring sessions, may it lead scores of young people to new perspective on their educations, their choices, and the possibilities of their lives.

Lacy Crawford, Author of “Early Decision: A Novel”

In today’s hurried world, it is no wonder many students are on autopilot, going through robotic motions of what they mistakenly believe is a magic formula that defines high school success. With her insider knowledge of college admissions, Dr. Chiu courageously reminds us that selective colleges are deliberately choosing emotionally intelligent, resilient, and sociable students who genuinely know how and why they love learning. This book will make you think twice about the skills students should learn throughout their K-12 education, and what traits that define success are increasingly valued in a college community, as well as in adulthood.

Grace Cheng Dodge, PhD, Deputy Head of School, Taipei American School; Former Director of Admission, Wellesley College

The book helps one think more clearly through the admission process and positions one to lead a meaningful life.

A must read for all college applicants, parents and educators. Belinda is a unique person to pull this off due to her decade plus years in the college admission process, training in emotional intelligence and love for humanity.

Tsewang Namgyal, The Tibet Fund Board member; Reimagining Doeguling Tibetan Settlement Advisory Board Chair

Chiu achieves something unique, in that she dispels the myths of college admissions from the perspective of a former college admissions counselor and also provides insight through the lens of an executive coach about the types of attributes these highly accomplished and successful individuals have in common.

The Mindful College Applicant elaborates on how to cultivate these very skills, which are collectively referred to as emotional intelligence, and which have been proven to be more predictive of success beyond the college years than even academic achievement.

Debby Fogelman, M.A, Psy.D

Dr. Chiu’s book provides exactly what students and their parents need to know about the pressures of the college application process. Her honest perspective on the harmful influence of stress and anxiety is vital to creating a strategy for success, as are her insights into working with neuroscience and mindfulness.

Matthew Lippincott, PhD, Vice President of Research & Business Solutions, Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Training Programs

This book is a must-read for every high school student applying to college–and every parent, too. It gives the student and the parent the best chance of going through the application process without turning stark raving mad. The wisdom in this book offers a pathway to long term happiness for the student, as well as better results in the application process. Read it, students and parents, because it is essential to the survival and joy of your entire family. It gives you hope of going this process without being damaged by it. If you want to go through the college application process without getting depressed and anxious, read this book.

Geeta Anand, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist; Professor of Journalism, UC Berkeley School of Journalism; Author of “The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million and Bucked the Medical Establishment in a Quest to Save his Children”